Thursday, December 5, 2013

Collecting Small & Mid-Sized Art Pieces

SMALL  and MID-SIZED WORKS... can be a real asset when it comes to decorating your space.
As a designer,  I always sought out pieces that were companion pieces  for their wonderful flexibility.   As I started on my painting journey years ago, I found that I continue to love this size for gifts and find myself painting a number of  them each year. 

At this time of year, there are many opportunities to collect small works by sifting through the many local shows featuring small works.  You can even find them online.  I like to offer my buyers a chance to visit my studio or tell them of current galleries that might be showing some of my small works.

Idea for a hung vertically.

Traditional collection of small works  in lovely setting.
In this picture, I love the sense of a collection gathered over time.  You will be able to move them to new house or apartment locations...and they give your home a wonderful sense of your interests and a homey continuity....whether it is contemporary or traditional.   Large or small.

Starting out a collection of two, three or four can inspire you to keep adding.  They frequently are priced with gift giving in mind....and make wonderful gifts.

Love the way in which this collector arranges a group of painting gathered over time.