Tuesday, February 6, 2018

News for February 2018 from my studio

February 2018 News

Periodically I May change my website to highlight a SPECIAL EVENT on my website.

As a result, you may find some galleries requiring a password.  Rotations will be happening regularly.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Studying Abstraction

I have never talked about my Abstract work.   Those who know me well,  know that I have always had a lot of work in this zone.   Probably it speaks for itself,  and I have no real desire to "talk" about it.   But one of my New Years resolution was to come out from the shadows.

My abstract work dates back to about 1992  while studying watercolor with regional Chester County artist Rea Redifer.   Only this morning I was describing to a couple of friends at my local coffee shop about the exciting days of studying with Redifer.  One could "play-back" all the demonstrations and spirited painting in those classes.  Many of my fellow students were professional artists who came to the sessions with previous knowledge and painting abilities already developed.  It seemed that we had the universal desire to "loosen up".  Having a sense of "play" with the paint was the idea.
Embracing those accidental moments that turned into that certain something that became so appealing.

An example of Redifer's style in a portrait of Lincoln......from a public auction a few years back:

Lincoln.....by Artist Rea Redifer

I particularly loved the beautiful dark layers and the emotions established by the hand of Redifer.
I often think of this as I sit down to explore and let go with the paint.
Lots of layering,  dramatic contrasts, and a strong sense of color and texture.  I think you will see some of this in my work.  Since I paint both abstractly and realistically,  there is a certain drift from one zone to the other as I press on in my studio work. 

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Collecting Small & Mid-Sized Art Pieces

SMALL  and MID-SIZED WORKS... can be a real asset when it comes to decorating your space.
As a designer,  I always sought out pieces that were companion pieces  for their wonderful flexibility.   As I started on my painting journey years ago, I found that I continue to love this size for gifts and find myself painting a number of  them each year. 

At this time of year, there are many opportunities to collect small works by sifting through the many local shows featuring small works.  You can even find them online.  I like to offer my buyers a chance to visit my studio or tell them of current galleries that might be showing some of my small works.

Idea for a Screen....art hung vertically.

Traditional collection of small works  in lovely setting.
In this picture, I love the sense of a collection gathered over time.  You will be able to move them to new house or apartment locations...and they give your home a wonderful sense of your interests and a homey continuity....whether it is contemporary or traditional.   Large or small.

Starting out a collection of two, three or four can inspire you to keep adding.  They frequently are priced with gift giving in mind....and make wonderful gifts.

Love the way in which this collector arranges a group of painting gathered over time.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Visiting Monet and his Water Lilies

Monet....the artist's artist.

What artist has not had the desire to see and feel the art and the inspirations of this great painter.  We have all had the desire to visit Monet's gardens at Giverny

Recently,  I had the opportunity to visit New York and Monet's paintings at MOMA. 

Monet's Water Lilies,  MOMA,  photo by Janeice Silberman

Although I have seen this painting before,  it was fun to "revisit it" at MOMA.  The vast enormous presence of this painting simply takes your breath away.   How to describe the blues and greens transitioning into the bits of reflections and color.   Well there is just no easy way to do it.  You have to see it in person.

You can almost visualize Monet in the room.  I overheard a number of patrons mentioning that this work had an overwhelming sensation.   It seems that you can only involve your visual senses for a brief encounter.   Maybe it is actually better that we can revisit it from time to time in New York. Absorbing just a little more with each visit.

PS:  I noticed that it took considerable effort to light this work.  So many lights on the track, that I virtually lost count of the number of heads.

So now......back to the studio.  Pull out those works relative to the emotions that this piece generates.
As I think about it.....there are many.  Later......

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sing a Song of Grasslands


My earliest memories of life on a farm in Iowa were of the grass filled natural countryside.  Hay making season, grass cutting, wandering the fields and observing the natural world.  Birds, animals, and even photography brought me to a keen sense of the natural world around me.
You will find interpretations of grass frequently in my work.

Grass Study, oil/canvas,  by Janeice Silberman SOLD
Grass Study,  Oil by Janeice Silberman - in Private Collection SOLD  
Roadside grasses, cattails, and corn,  Iowa.  Photo by artist, Janeice Silberman

At some point in this journey,  I moved first into the heady design world of New York City.
There I had a career in the magazine and design world....In a place as far away from grass as one could go.   I managed to meet my husband, New York born and raised,  and together we drifted back toward the country.  First we spent weekends in Massachusetts on a beautiful farm with an antique house.   In my mind however,   I yearned for more open space.  The trees of Massachusetts, although beautiful, gave me a desire to get back to open space.

Eventually we moved to  Chester County Pennsylvania,  yet another gorgeous countryside. 
No matter where, this image of waving grass and grain never ceases to be my companion. 

Grasses waving in the winds,  Open space of Chester County.  Photo by artist, Janeice Silberman
Fields of Chester County, Pa.  Local grasses inspirations, photo by artist Janeice Silberman


Original Oil Landscape by Janeice Silberman....see Landscapes FILE

                                           Link to Website:  www.janeicesilberman.com

Over time, I have painted many grass filled landscapes in styles from realistic to abstraction.   I find the inspiration for these works from my memories of childhood in a land of waving grasses.  Even today, I am subconsciously drawn to grasses in the landscape around me here in Chester County.

 The sea of grass has left me with a filtered sense of the world.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Painting What You Love. Some thoughts.....

My Inspirations......photo by artist, Janeice Silberman


I live in beautiful Chester County......and it is from here that I
gain my inspirations for my art.  Having trained as both a
designer and an artist....I move back and forth between two
artistic forces: Realism.....and Abstraction.
I hope that this blog will give you a better idea of who I am as an artist.


Sage advice for those who desire painting as a means of expression....
As an artist you have to ask yourself just what is it that you LOVE.
After a number of years at this particular craft, I have narrowed my particular passions down to a core group of subjects that tickle my fancy.

COLOR.....I .dream in color, have memories of color and continue to look for subject to hang this particular passion on.   Sometimes, I like to address even the monochromatic nuances of color.  Or the subtle  "grayed-off" colors that designers and the French love.  Even flowers are a means of hanging a joyous feel for a particular color.

DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE...Although I have moved away from design as a profession.....I continue to love all the nuances of good design.  The 3 dimensions of it will always excite me.   And I love nothing more than getting into a space for the full experience.  Having worked with restoration, I learned to love the colors of that period as well as the fashions colors of the day.

COUNTRY PURSUITS....I love a country lifestyle. The beautiful landscapes,  The dogs, the walks in the fields, following Bassett Hounds in the chase of neighborhood rabbits. Following the foxhunt.  Sparkling sunrises and sunsets.   The smells of the newly plowed fields and hay making day.   All of these sensual pleasures inform my work.

ANIMALS ...The expressions, the eye contact, the personalities.  There is a reason that they are called "Man's best friend" (& woman's!).  I have the same feelings for the human figure, and continue to explore this area.

ABSTRACTIONS.......Always loved getting off the track for a little serendipitous exploration.  This is probably the most visceral pleasure of all.  Tapping into your subconscious and just letting it flow....following the paint to see where it will take you.  I believe this helps strengthen an artists work.......so I let it flow.

MUSIC........When in the abstract mode, my early days singing and playing musical instruments........seem to step into the picture.  The "beat"  moves into the painting process.   And frequently, the names of these pieces end in musical notations.  Improvisation reigns.   And city memories and atmosphere come into the picture.

STYLE...From realism, to impressionism, expressionism and  abstract.  I love them all.  And I doubt that I will ever be a perfect fit for just one regimen.   Each has a different form or means in which to express the nuances of a painting.  Perhaps training as a designer, we learn to appreciate and work with so many different periods, that it is only natural that we desire an exploration into these areas on a regular basis.  I have many architect and designer friends, that express the same thought.

INTERIORS......This is an area that I have a love/hate for as an artist.  Perhaps it is just TOO close to my life as a professional designer. All those years at the drafting board......

STILL LIFES... Occasionally I have been inspired by a particular grouping of colors or memories that particular items might bring with them. 

ANTIQUES... This is probably the driving force to explore traditional dark colors as backgrounds for some of my figurative paintings.   These dark backgrounds look so "right" to my brain in a multitude of situations.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Visit to Falling Waters....for new ART inspirations

A recent visit to Falling Waters inspires my interest in water paintings.  See them on my website.

A Visit to Falling Waters....photo by artist Janeice Silberman

.....Guess you might call this a "busman's holiday" for a designer/artist.
It has been over 11 years since I last visited.  This time, my traveling companions were not designers, artists or architects.  Perhaps I loved it all over again, as I saw it through their eyes.

The calm and restive nature of the setting.  The sound of water,  the spectacular green scape, and even the moist air of a hot day had a way of rejuvenating the spirit.   We were a little too early to experience the blooming of the rhododendron.  But the landscape was still spectacular.

The timeless appeal of this organic house and it's setting appealed to all.  Even those not primed with a previous lecture or study of architecture...responded to it's universal appeal.

Falling Water from the foot path, photo by Artist Janeice Silberman

I noticed a lot of details that I had forgotten.   The low ceilings,  the cork tiles in the bathrooms.  The sense that a 1930's construction could still feel so current.  And more.

But one thing particularly stood out for me.   A reminder of the necessity for integration of all the elements of architecture, art, landscape and collectibles.   No one particular element being allowed to take precedence.   This highly choreographed and masterful integration is what creates the sense of peace that is Falling Water.   Something we all yearn for in our everyday lives.

As I meander my way back to the studio,  I will be mindful as I apply the paint to my canvas.

Back entrance to Falling Water, photo by artist Janeice Silberman

"You listen not to any noise whatsoever although the music of the stream is there.  But you listen to falling water the way you listen to the quiet of the country".....Frank Lloyd Wright, lecture at Taliesin, 1955.