Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sing a Song of Grasslands


My earliest memories of life on a farm in Iowa were of the grass filled natural countryside.  Hay making season, grass cutting, wandering the fields and observing the natural world.  Birds, animals, and even photography brought me to a keen sense of the natural world around me.
You will find interpretations of grass frequently in my work.

Roadside grasses, cattails, and corn,  Iowa.  Photo by artist, Janeice Silberman

Distant Iowa Field View, photo by artist, Janeice Silberman

At some point in this journey,  I moved first into the heady design world of New York City.
There I had a career in the magazine and design world....In a place as far away from grass as one could go.   I managed to meet my husband, New York born and raised,  and together we drifted back toward the country.  First we spent weekends in Massachusetts on a beautiful farm with an antique house.   In my mind however,   I yearned for more open space.  The trees of Massachusetts, although beautiful, gave me a desire to get back to open space.

Eventually we moved to  Chester County Pennsylvania,  yet another gorgeous countryside. 
No matter where, this image of waving grass and grain never ceases to be my companion. 

Grasses waving in the winds,  Open space of Chester County.  Photo by artist, Janeice Silberman

Fields of Chester County, Pa.  Local grasses inspirations, photo by artist Janeice Silberman



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Over time, I have painted many grass filled landscapes in styles from realistic to abstraction.   I find the inspiration for these works from my memories of childhood in a land of waving grasses.  Even today, I am subconsciously drawn to grasses in the landscape around me here in Chester County.

 The sea of grass has left me with a filtered sense of the world.