Friday, January 9, 2015

Studying Abstraction

I have never talked about my Abstract work.   Those who know me well,  know that I have always had a lot of work in this zone.   Probably it speaks for itself,  and I have no real desire to "talk" about it.   But one of my New Years resolution was to come out from the shadows.

My abstract work dates back to about 1992  while studying watercolor with regional Chester County artist Rea Redifer.   Only this morning I was describing to a couple of friends at my local coffee shop about the exciting days of studying with Redifer.  One could "play-back" all the demonstrations and spirited painting in those classes.  Many of my fellow students were professional artists who came to the sessions with previous knowledge and painting abilities already developed.  It seemed that we had the universal desire to "loosen up".  Having a sense of "play" with the paint was the idea.
Embracing those accidental moments that turned into that certain something that became so appealing.

An example of Redifer's style in a portrait of Lincoln......from a public auction a few years back: Artist Rea Redifer

I particularly loved the beautiful dark layers and the emotions established by the hand of Redifer.
I often think of this as I sit down to explore and let go with the paint.
Lots of layering,  dramatic contrasts, and a strong sense of color and texture.  I think you will see some of this in my work.  Since I paint both abstractly and realistically,  there is a certain drift from one zone to the other as I press on in my studio work. 

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