Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Painting What You Love. Some thoughts.....(reposting, June, 2019)

June, 2019 REPOSTING


My Inspirations......photo by artist, Janeice Silberman


I live in beautiful Chester County......and it is from here that I
gain my inspirations for my art.  Having trained as both a
designer and an artist....I move back and forth between two
artistic forces: Realism.....and Abstraction.
I hope that this blog will give you a better idea of who I am as an artist.


Sage advice for those who desire painting as a means of expression....
As an artist you have to ask yourself just what is it that you LOVE.
After a number of years at this particular craft, I have narrowed my particular passions down to a core group of subjects that tickle my fancy.

COLOR.....I .dream in color, have memories of color and continue to look for subject to hang this particular passion on.   Sometimes, I like to address even the monochromatic nuances of color.  Or the subtle  "grayed-off" colors that designers and the French love.  Even flowers are a means of hanging a joyous feel for a particular color.

DESIGN, ART, ARCHITECTURE...Although I have moved away from design as a profession.....I continue to love all the nuances of good design.  The 3 dimensions of it will always excite me.   And I love nothing more than getting into a space for the full experience.  Having worked with restoration, I learned to love the colors of that period as well as the fashions colors of the day.

COUNTRY PURSUITS....I love a country lifestyle. The beautiful landscapes,  The dogs, the walks in the fields, following Bassett Hounds in the chase of neighborhood rabbits. Following the foxhunt.  Sparkling sunrises and sunsets.   The smells of the newly plowed fields and hay making day.   All of these sensual pleasures inform my work.

ANIMALS ...The expressions, the eye contact, the personalities.  There is a reason that they are called "Man's best friend" (and woman's!).  I have the same feelings for the human figure, and continue to explore this area.

ABSTRACTIONS.......Always loved getting off the track for a little serendipitous exploration.  This is probably the most visceral pleasure of all.  Tapping into your subconscious and just letting it flow....following the paint to see where it will take you.  I believe this helps strengthen an artists work.......so I let it flow.

MUSIC........When in the abstract mode, my early days singing and playing musical instruments........seem to step into the picture.  The "beat"  moves into the painting process.   And frequently, the names of these pieces end in musical notations.  Improvisation reigns.   And city memories and atmosphere come into the picture.

STYLE...From realism, to impressionism, expressionism and  abstract.  I love them all.  And I doubt that I will ever be a perfect fit for just one regimen.   Each has a different form or means in which to express the nuances of a painting.  Perhaps training as a designer, we learn to appreciate and work with so many different periods, that it is only natural that we desire an exploration into these areas on a regular basis.  I have many architect and designer friends, that express the same thought.

INTERIORS......This is an area that I have a love/hate for as an artist.  Perhaps it is just TOO close to my life as a professional designer. All those years at the drafting board......

STILL LIFES... Occasionally I have been inspired by a particular grouping of colors or memories that particular items might bring with them. 

ANTIQUES... This is probably the driving force to explore traditional dark colors as backgrounds for some of my figurative paintings.   These dark backgrounds look so "right" to my brain in a multitude of situations.